Above Ground Pools

above ground

These are the most affordable pool that can be purchased. With relatively quick construction and a number of design option to help this pool blend in with your garden, this may be the cheapest and easiest pool to design and construct. Above ground pools can also be easier to maintain than in ground pools, as all pipework (although hidden from sight) can be accessed above ground, without costly excavations needed. However as above ground pools are cheaper, so are the materials. A wooden pool will not have the same lifespan as a panelled or concrete pool, but would still last many years.

Above ground pools are also more flexible to work with, although they are not designed as a party pool; with restricted sizing making them smaller than the average pool, they are great for the children in the summer months. If later on you would like to get rid of the pool, then it can be drained down and taken apart piece by piece rather than needing to be filled in like an in ground pool.