Vinyl-Liner Pools

All liner pools require a shell. The shells that are on offer vary considerably, from cheaper polymer (Plastic) panels and block work, through to high end, hand crafted glass fibre insulated structural panel systems, with integral insulation sealed from any water ingress. This sealed insulation stops thermal bridging occurring which is heat loss from ground water around the pool shell, saturating the insulation absorbing the heat from the pool water.

Whichever system you choose, we would highly recommend that you install an insulated, steel reinforced concrete trussed system, which has its own strength and integrity within the shell. The trussed system can be built up to 600mm out of the ground, with no additional support, and can be emptied indefinitely with no risk of collapse to the pool shell, especially when building into heavy clay, as opposed to the out dated ‘A’ frame construction. The ‘A’ frame system relies on the weight of the water inside the pool, pushing against the panels creating equilibrium between ground forces pushing onto the back of the pool. When an ‘A’ frame pool is emptied, the ground forces are pushed onto the back of the panels; this is why these systems are often seen bowed or pushed out of shape. These problems are eliminated with when using the steel reinforced concrete trussed system.

Pool liner technology has improved tremendously over the past 30 years, with many high end domestic and commercial pools realising the massive benefits over conventional concrete and tile pool construction.