Pumps and Filtration

Pool filtration is critical to your safety, and providing ease of pool management. We can advise on safe bather loads, pool running temperature, and the most suitable method of pool sanitisation.

To keep filtration running smoothly, we would always recommend a media change once every 3-5 years.

UV Sanitation

The UV unit exposes the pool water to high doses of UV light, killing bacteria and sanitising the pool water, this will reduce the amount of chlorine required.

Salt Chlorination

Electrolysis converts salt into chlorine, allowing the pool to be run with much lower chlorine levels, this is ideal if you or any of your family members have sensitive skin. We highly recommend these systems, there are many different types, and we can advise on the most suitable and cost effective system.


The majority of pool pumps fitted are direct drive, however magnetic drive pumps are available, at extra cost, and can save thousands of pounds over a 10 year period. Please call for further details.

To prevent pump breakdowns we recommend an annual service be carried out.