Swimming Pool Covers

Autoamatic Saftey Cover


Pool covers vary from manual to fully automatic, and from solar to heat retention. Safety covers, are always the recommended option, and we can offer many cost effective solutions.

Safety covers provide complete piece of mind. They are available as manual or automatic, and we can manufacture to bespoke shapes, air blowers under built into the patio can ensure no friction or cover chaffing occurs. We fit many of these automatic covers annually, and we highly recommend the Aquamatic brand. We always have a very recently installed cover, available for viewing as you should wish.

Above is a recent Aquamatic cover installation on a new pool that we have built in Heathfield, East Sussex.

We highly recommend the Aquamatic covers because of their stylish finish and superb quality components.

We are registered Aquamatic dealers and our engineers are trained annually at the factory to ensure that we provide the highest standard of care for your pool cover.

Slatted Pool Cover

Marine Inox_piscines Inox_piscines en acier anoxydable_piscines miroir (53)

These modern contemporary looking covers can add a real sense of style to a pool. They are primarily fitted to indoor pools, although we have fitted to outdoor pools from time to time. We can also provide these as a safety cover.

Winter Debris Cover

Winter debris covers restrict the amount of leaves and debris that can enter the pool, they also provide shade for the pool in the early spring months, keeping the water cool, and reducing bacteria and algae growth. They’re also a great way to keep the wildlife out.


Solar Blanket

Solar Blankets are the most popular type of pool cover here in the UK; they are good value for money, retain heat reasonably well and are simple to use.