Swimming Pool Renovation

For over 30 years Mermaid Pools have carried out swimming pool renovation, from the pool itself, to its surround. The below image shows a recent project we carried out. Mermaids were required to completely refurbish an old freeform concrete pool to provide a high quality stylish finish, and an alternative solution to the old impractical manual cover.





The pool was originally built with Marbilite . Our team renewed the pool fittings through the wall, requiring new plumbing to the shed, this allowed for an onsite lining to be fitted. We then installed a complete new filtration system. The deep end in the pool was shallowed out, due to its unsightly shape.

The stylish finish was achieved using a contrast of hand milled black flamed granite copings, complimented with steel grey pastel surround. These sat-naturally against the weathered, rustic brickwork of the surrounding walls, and pool house. These materials provide a quality, solid finish.
A liquid heat retention blanket and auto dosing unit were fitted to the pool, providing ease of use for this freeform pool.

 “Professional, more than pleased with the results, all in all
a great experience.”

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